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1/42 — Rochambeau: Photo by Andrew Boyle



8th floor gets lit


New York City, in all it’s grandeur, grime, and glory, was the chief inspiration behind Rochambeau’s FW15 collection, noticed first and foremost by the ice sculptures placed around the models that contained pieces of city memorabilia—be it metro cards or used malt liquor bottles. Logically, the apparel of Rochambeau’s new collection was inherently Brooklyn inspired; apparel that will quickly be adopted by the men of Bushwick at a derelict Subway party. Knitwear encompassed the most noticeably prescient part of the collection, present in both lovingly crafted sweaters and precisely measured shorts. Other highlights included a sparklingly bright down jacket and a hat that was held together with belt straps. Most remarkably, the presentation ended with a live performance of OT Genasis singing his runaway smash ‘I Love the Coco,’ making for a collection that is just as wild, eclectic, and downright fun as the city that inspired it.

Thaddeus O’Neil

Thaddeus O’Neil’s presentation was not so much a runway show as it was an intricately detailed piece of performance art. Upon entering, we were greeted by dancers with blue painted feet wearing togas performing a smoothly choreographed piece of motion. Suddenly a spotlight blared upon a performer in golden facepaint wielding tarot cards and singing a hymnal, and with that the pieces of the collection began to enter the presentation room. The apparel itself was comprised of earthy pieces; rust-colored knitwear and aqua sweaters and jackets. The artistry of the collection became most clear in the accouterments, with the highest attention to detail paid in the jewelry on each model. In a range from necklaces of flowers and animal skulls, chain link muzzles, crowns of gold medallions, and bejeweled amulets, the overall feeling was one that emanated tribal bewitchery and biblical mysticism.

Bobby Abley

The first thing you saw when walking into Bobby Abley’s FW 15 presentation was a giant banana and pretty male models posing on or around it. The next thing you saw was the clothes, which were inspired half by the Disney rendition of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book (Bagheera and Kaa, to be specific) and half by Party Monster club kids. To begin with, two of the models were holding teddy bears, and two more were wearing fuzzy crop top + pants outfits. The collection was a breath of fresh air considering that the norm for fall/winter is typically black or navy colors, which shows us that just because the weather is frigid (and on days like today unbearable), the clothing you wear doesn’t have to be. When you feel so blue why would you not want to wear clothes that are the antithesis of that? The colorful show was aided by the industrial EDM soundtrack, which had many of the models bobbing their heads and had us wondering how different our house parties would be if we had that huge banana in our living room. Here’s to a winter where, although we might not be able to control the weather, we will be able to control how much happiness we put onto our bodies. Cheers to happiness.

Devon Halfnight Leflufy

Have you ever wondered what upscale grunge BMX-wear looks like? If you have then Devon Halfnight Leflufy answers the question. With a 5-model-at-a-time performance, Devon showed us how you can turn extreme sports into extreme fashion. First of all, the walls were lined with posters that made us flashback to middle school and the room was ambienced by smoke machines and hardcore electronics, not to mention that when the models walked out (one by one) they would lap around a black ring before assuming position in the middle of the room. The clothing stayed true to the theme, with art-deco punky prints that looked like motocross meets happy hardcore raver, with loose pants, leather chokers, and piercings abounding. After looking at the collection we were ready to tear shit up.

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