A Hot Minute with Nicola Formichetti

Nicola Formichetti is a jack of all trades, working as Creative Director for Diesel, being a stylist for Brooke Candy, designing for Nicopanda, and most recently joining our hot minute squad. We picked the fashion maven’s brain at the presentation for his second Nicopanda collection, where he shared with us the idea behind the pieces and how disco was his muse.

So this is awesome, I don’t want to go back to the office—I just want to stay here. What’s the idea behind it?

Yeah, so I called it Disco Sports. Disco in a way had nothing to do with the collection, but it’s sort of like the mood of the people. I didn’t get any inspiration from disco other than the music, the vibe, and just staying positive and having fun.

The collection’s sportier with a unisex touch. I love this whole genderless thing—a girl looks like a boy, a boy looks like a girl. We’re all just one. This collection is basically an updated version of my first one last season—I just injected color. It’s so fun.

How did you choose the colors?

I went for very primal colors, cause last season we did very pale pink and pale blue which looks very beautiful, but this time I wanted to choose around five or six colors that are almost like a football team. So it’s very primal, purple, green, red, blue, yellows, and black and white. You can always get everything in black, you know? I think it’s that idea of anything goes.

You said it’s inspired by disco, so if this collection could be one disco song, which would it be?

Oh my god! All of them are very referenced to 70’s or remixed 90’s, I don’t know. Haha too difficult.

Browse the collection here.

Photo by Andrew Boyle.

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