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1/17 — Photo by Andrew Boyle



Pinocchio Disco Athletes at Nicopanda

Nicopanda’s F/W 15 collection was a combination of soccer players, party monsters, and vintage Pinnochio dolls, which is fitting for a collection whose statement reads “flamboyant disco-inspired.” Nicola Formichetti’s presentation was everything you’d expect from a brand that is influenced by kawaii, adult-babies, and the endless rave – colorful, unisex, and lots of fun. The outfits were divided into monochromatic two-pieces and matching wigs in playful Crayola colors, and included lots of bows, ruffles, and a fusion of textiles like leather, lace, and faux fur. With disco music playing, champagne being handed out, and streamers and balloons adorning the ceiling, Nicopanda’s second presentation is the party we want to live in every day of our lives.

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