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The Painterly Touch of Brock Collection

While many great collections present an aesthetic that is wholly unified its vision, few manage to convey this same attention to detail in its tactile sensibilities. Chief amongst these sensory pleasures were pieces of black leather that was paper thin, appearing across jackets and pants but most memorably in a wide-collared button up. Equally pristine were the dresses and pants bedecked in a color of sparkling silver, even more pronounced when paired with immaculately white blazers or embroidered into the threads of a variety of the pieces. An aura of effortlessness pervaded the collection, perhaps originating from the loose shouldered turtlenecks and sweaters that were relaxed without losing an ounce of their potency, or in the painterly floral patterns embellished on sheer dresses. Brock Collection’s FW15 collection was one that emphasized the refinery capable in the world of ready to wear, and indeed we were quite tempted to steal the pleated gold dress on our way out; there’s little else quite like it on the market.

Photography by Mitchell McLennan

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