Gary Card x Bobby Abley

Illustrator, set designer, sculptor and all around creative wiz, Gary Card is sharing a bit of his artistic genius with us here at MADE fashion week. Here’s his fourth illustration for us of the Bobby Abley collection. Check out his previous reinterpretations of Joyrich, Astrid Andersen, and Chromat.

Gary Card: "Okay, this isn’t strictly a fashion illustration, I just can’t resist drawing a cartoon and Bobby’s collections are littered with ’em. I don’t know how he’s managed this, but Disney seems to let him do whatever he wants with their property. This time, he’s got his hands on Jungle Book so I thought it would be fun to have Mowgli looking pissed at one of Bobby’s models. Maybe Mowgli’s about to serve him a cease and desist letter…"

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