Best of SNL's 40th Anniversary Special

SNL History was made last night as dozens of stars and comedians joined together for the show’s 3-hour 40th anniversary special. Everyone from Derek Jeter, to Catherine Zeta-Jones, to Eddie Murphy was present. The alum’s highly anticipated return fell flat as Eddie stood on stage for 70 seconds talking about how great it is to be back at SNL, without cracking a single joke. Awkward.

Made notorious for poking fun at politics, media, Hollywood, and every single industry and institution known to man, the SNL special was a united force to be reckoned with. Of course it wouldn’t be a true SNL episode if there wasn’t balance. We can all admit that some bits are funnier than others, and some often end up being just straight up corny—with that sad we’ve taken the liberty of selecting our favorite skits and appearances from last nights television event.

Wayne’s World

It’s Wayne’s World, Wayne’s World, party time, excellent! Mike Meyers, and Dana Carvey, the infamous goons known as Wayne and Garth reunited for another Wayne’s World skit in the sweetest way, crafting a list of the top 10 things about SNL, giving special thanks to creator Lorne Michaels. Aw you guys!

Martin Short & Beyoncé

Okay so it’s not really Beyoncé but who cares. Maya Rudolph’s Queen B imitation is on point, and too funny. Watch her SNL spin on ‘Drunk In Love,’ and don’t take your eyes off those moves.

Christopher Walken Introduces Kanye

Yeezy’s had a very busy week. He performed ‘Jesus Walks,’ ‘Only One,’ and his new track ‘Wolves’ whilst lying on the ground with grills in his mouth, and blue contact lenses over his eyes- bizarre? Yes, but hey it’s Kanye. The best part of the performance however, was that Christopher Walken—the cult-acting favorite of many-brought him onto the stage. Pretty cool Christopher, pretty damn cool.

Celebrity Jeopardy

It’s Celebrity Jeopardy—where no one gets anything right. Will Ferrell owned his performance as Alex Trebek, and as for Kate Mckinnon? Whoa, she may as well just be Justin Bieber forever. The impersonations are spot on, as Jim Carey plays a super creepy Matthew McConaughey, and Darrell Hammond’s impression of Sean Connery is hilarious—‘Le Tits Now!’

Audience Q&A With Jerry Seinfeld

Michael Douglas, James Franco, and John Goodman all rose from their seats to ask Jerry personal questions about their careers—but the most honorable guest to rise up and speak was the one and only Larry David. The fellow Seinfeld creator and also writer of SNL season seemed to forget he had once been on the SNL team. But how could he remember? He and Jerry had, “The biggest show of all time!” Their exchange is adorable, but also very Larry David. Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be comedy if these two guys weren’t present.

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