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1/28 — Photo by Andrew Boyle



The Beach Pundits of Baja East

Think Bohemian coffee shop off the coast of Morocco, where a sweet songbird by the name of Abir channels 90’s Alanis Morisette, and Blind Melon accompanied by a single guitar. That’s Baja East—as the live performance guided the walk, the collection was a series of unisex-beach silhouettes with patterns inspired by thickly striped beach towels, and grooved clam shells. Co-ordinates were a large subject of the show, where breathable cotton fabrics and heavy drapery turned models into youthful stoner-pundits of North African descent wearing Nikes on their feet. Once the Indonesian tribal prints landed in the form of jerseys and sweatpants, the vibe switched to athletic playfulness, where models transformed into swift boxers on the beach. Watching them glow in their wet looks, we were practically begging to be whisked away beneath their capes, and taken far far away from this snowy New York day, into Baja East’s mystical ocean-meets-desert paradise.

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