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Down The Rabbit-Hole With Intel's RealSense Wall

Intel’s latest technological innovation has been living in Milk Gallery during this fashion-packed week. Designed especially for Made Fashion Week guests, the Intel RealSense Wall is a screen that allows people to play with motion and watch their silhouette wave right back at them. Encouraging people to dance, do cartwheels, and strut and pose, the wall shows you what you really look like when you’re getting low, and jumping high, in a sea of psychedelic colors.

Toting the ability to sense 3-D, along four different patterned screens, this camera based technology reads every bitty thing you do, and is absolutely perfect for fashion week. With Milk Studios’ high-traffic of voluminous fur coats, wide brimmed hats, and various #heelconcepts, everyone who dared to interact with the screen transformed into a larger than life caricature.

Photography by Filipe Medeiros and Jose Cota, Konstantine Alexander via Phhhoto

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