Jeremy Scott is doing just "mother f*cking great"

Jeremy Scott’s show is always one of the craziest events at MADE FW, and of course this season was no different. After presenting a whopping collection of colors and good-vibes-only looks, we had a hot minute with Jeremy backstage, during which he told us the mood of the pieces, his go-to tunes, and what his life is like in 3 words.

Do you consider your collections to be a continuation of each other?

Some, I do. This one is from last season, it’s like a tiny part two. Sometimes there’s ones that are a departure from a note or a feeling that I had. I find a note that is a jumping off point from something, like last season was a very new feeling for me. And so this is kind of like a continuation, it’s like when you have a great film and you do a sequel. It’s a new plot, a new story, but there’s a common character.

Where do you get inspiration for your prints?

Honestly this season I was just thinking about nursery rhymes and all the things in a child’s nursery, kids and Mary Had a Little Lamb and Humpty Dumpty. And I thought what if I took these elements that are such a common shared knowledge and create something out of it because I’ve never worked with those elements.

What kind of music were you listening to when designing this collection?

All kinds of things! I obviously listened to my pop star friends who I love and adore; Miley, Katy and Rihanna. But also experimental things, like some of the music in the show. And of course Dolly Parton because she was a wafting influence within the collection as well.

If you could describe your life in this moment right now in three words, what would they be?

Mother fucking great.

Photo by Koury Angelo

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