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Survival of the Fittest at Sons of William

We knew from the moment we walked into the presentation room for Sons of William’s FW15 show that we were in for something big. Slick black tarp covered the floor of the room and the walls were insulated with metallic silver lining as images of melting glaciers and building demolitions were projected onto the wall. Logically, the clothes were set to fit the mood; tactical wear for the first generation of soldiers born post-apocalypse. Combat boots and pants ruled the day as one model after another entered wearing survivalist apparel. Highlights included a vest with built in bulletproof plates, a chin-strap/face-band accessory that was paired with a waterproof athletic suit, and stark white snowsuit with a matching ranger hat. With an abundance of zippers, pockets, hoodies, the entire collection was one tailor-made to stash things like hunting knives or grenades to defend your home turf in the coming twilight years of Earth. We spoke to the designers, Julius and Victor Juul, after the presentation to discuss the concept behind this striking collection, as well as their thoughts on our planet’s future.

What were some of the concepts you were thinking about when making this collection?

J: The whole collection is based on functionality. The theme was pretty much that we were placed in the future and there’s been an Ice Age and it has erased every concept that we’ve ever had about clothing. So we’re trying to reinvent clothing in a more functional manner.

So does each piece have a function?

V: Yes absolutely. A lot of these are waterproof, we have lots of hidden pockets, durability, things like that. A lot of the patterns are functionality based as well, like a solar powered backpack where you can charge your phone, stuff like that. Each piece definitely has its own function within the collection.

Did you watch a lot of sci-fi in preparation?

J: Well yeah you could say so. 2001: A Space Odyssey is always a big inspiration. The way Kubrick put shit together is always so amazing.

V: It is, but I think our collection is more about the tactical features than it is about specific sci-fi elements. Even more than sci-fi we took inspiration from military clothing, because that’s also about functional ability. Like how you can grip stuff easier, and have all these vests and pockets that make it easy to strap on.

How long do you think humanity has left on Earth?

J: Our collection takes place in 3011, so hopefully that long.

Photography by Mitchell McLennan

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