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Beethoven Dubsteppers at The Blonds

Any Clockwork Orange fan recognizes the theme song, and any Blonds fan recognizes the staples of the LGBT night world– lucky for us at The Blonds FW15 show we got a little cocktail of both. With Kubrick’s adaptation of Anthony Burgess’ novel serving as inspiration for the collection, The Blonds presented an epitomous Blonds show: glitter, tailoring that cinches waits, butts, and boobs in all the right places, as well as eccentric hair-dos and impossibly perfect nail art. Have you seen key chain tassels running down the tips of fingers? Well we have, and it’s fantastic. With a front row including Amanda Lepore, Ivy Levan, Chelsea Leyland, Mr. Jay, and Paris Hilton, the glitz and glitter wasn’t just reserved for the incredible show. The Blonds prove – once again – that they have more fun. We ran backstage to ask designers David and Phillipe some wrap-up questions to learn about some of the work that went into making this outrageously phenomenal collection.

What do you think it was about A Clockwork Orange that inspired you so much?

P: Well I spent a lot of time in London while being sculpted for a mannequin, and being there reminded me of the Milk Bar in that movie. We’re huge Kubrick fans, and it just made so much sense to turn Milk into a Milk Bar for this show.

D: Really it’s a mix of things. We just wanted to pay homage to the directors that we love, I love both the book and the film, just everything Kubrick does. And Jodorowsky also influenced this collection. We wanted to do what he did in The Holy Mountain where every scene had its own visual moment. So here, each girl was like her own show; a different treatment, contrasts between them, the whole thing.

Was there anything particularly challenging about this collection?

D: Well we did the treatment for the 3-D plates on one of the jackets, and that was pretty hard.

P: We said that that jacket was ‘The Holy Mountain.’ It was actually really new for us, we wanted to take apart the whole glamorous thing that we’ve always done and just tear it apart. We constructed and reconstructed and deconstructed, and it scared me a little. But it was good! I’m happy! My feet hurt from these heels, everything hurts, but we’re so thrilled about it.

Do you wear heels a lot or is this a trying night for you?

P: I wear them every now and then at home.

D: Usually for showtime in the bedroom, I mean who doesn’t?

Do you have any pre or post runway rituals to help you unwind?

D: Just have a cocktail, that’s pretty much it.

P: Though I am looking forward to waffles and fried chicken tomorrow.

D: Oh this is true. That is what happens the day after: it’s all about eating. We forget to eat in the week leading up to a show.

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be?

P: David.

Like Silence of the Lambs style?

D: Yeah, you would skin me!

P: Sort of. No, in all seriousness, he is my favorite accessory.

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