Drones Are the New Street Style Photogs?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s’s drone! Da Drone Boyz and prove they know how to cover fashion from all angles, sending out a drone to investigate the scenes at Alexander Wang’s show at Pier 36 and Jeremy Scott’s show at our own Milk Studios.

The footage is insanely cool, showing the atrocious New York winter weather conditions (when will it end?!) and the hustle and bustle of the sidewalks as the drone navigates down the streets. Perhaps coolest, however, is when the drone shows just how big in numbers the photographer scene was at Jeremy Scott’s show as everyone waited to get a glimpse of Kanye West – it looks like a farm of luminescent ants, the way they’re snap snap snapping.

Presenting this new way of scouting the fashion week scene is sick, allowing us to navigate the streets and styles of New York like it’s a video game – and hey, we’re all for playing!

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