Lady Gaga To Star in American Horror Story

Jessica Lange. Kathy Bates. Gabourey Sidibe. Emma Roberts. Angela Bassett. Now American Horror Story is adding another name to its already A list repertoire. Fresh off her stint as the most impressive/best part of theOscars, Variety reports that Lady Gaga will be newest star in season five of Ryan Murphy’s spoooooky show.

This will be Gaga’s first major TV role, and considering she usually turns everything she touches into gold we’re not surprised at Murphy’s casting choice. I mean she is after all Mother Monster…who could be a better fit for a show that’s included murder, freak shows, asylums, and witchcraft? As Murphy told Variety about his casting choices, “It always just comes down to pure fandom with me, I just speak from the heart about why I love them.”

Gaga’s role, as well as the plot for the next season, is still a secret, however Murphy says that season four has been strewn with clues for what comes next. We’ll be waiting patiently, re-watching some AHS and, of course, Gaga’s Oscar performance. But in the meantime, anyone care to take a guess as to what we can expect?

Photo by Nick Knight

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