A$AP Ferg Drops A Video Filmed on an iPhone

Though there were was a veritable assault of recognizable guests who stopped by Milk Studios for the Jeremy Scott FW15 show, we couldn’t help but notice the addition of A$AP Ferg running around in a giant puffy yellow coat, microphone in hand. Even after speaking with him briefly, we were still at something of a loss of just what he was up to. Amazingly, it turns out that he was filming a DIY music video, right in the halls of Milk Studios.

The new video, ‘Dope Walk’, just premiered today, and there are an Inception-number of levels in it’s hilarious awesomeness. First and foremost, the entire thing was filmed on an iPhone by Matt Starr, who some of our readers may remember as the guy responsible for art project Babycore. It is also built around the running premise that Ferg is Facetiming Cara Delevingne, so naturally her face is visible in the corner of the video for its’ entire duration.

Delevingne aside, Ferg turned to the hustle and bustle of Fashion Week for his video, which is naturally why Milk proved such an integral filming location. He runs around Kanye’s Adidas presentation, through the streets of New York with his posse, then climaxes with a lap around the Jeremy Scott show, even getting the designer to shimmy with him backstage. Other cameos include the best cast list you can imagine: Kanye, Beyonce, A$AP Rocky, Haim, Rihanna and even more that we missed in the carousel of craziness that is ‘Dope Walk.’ What is easily a contender for video of the year has just arrived, so stop reading this and go watch it now.

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