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If there is any artist in the history of art who has enshrined his own reputation within the foggy haze of legend and icon, it is without a doubt Andy Warhol. Viciously realizing his dreams of superstardom and weaving himself within the very fabric of American celebrity, Warhol and his art has been exhaustively studied over and over again in the now 25 years since his untimely passing. Now however, comes the chance at an unprecedented glimpse into Warhol’s private life in the form of a family-made documentary. The catch? You’re gonna have to help Kickstart it.

The project, nostalgically titled Uncle Andy, is being made by the late artist’s great niece, Abby Warhola, and her partner Jesse Best. The pair have aimed to showcase a side of Warhol that has never been shown to the public, the man behind the glitz and glamor that came with his position in pop culture for the majority of his life. Did his family approve of his art? What did his grandmother know about his overt homosexuality? The answers to these and more are curated in a massive amount of video footage of interviews with Warhol’s family that the duo have culled. They’ve only turned to Kickstarter in order to retain creative control over the project, in essence keeping it all in the family.

If a behind the scenes look at the private life of Andy Warhol isn’t enticing enough for you, than some of the Kickstarter incentives just might do the trick. The thriftier supporters will of course get access to the film ahead of the release, but those significantly more invested in the project can receive items like a dinner in Warhol’s childhood home or a customized Easter egg in the same style as his paintings of said subject. Uncle Andy promises to be an invaluable piece of Warhol’s legacy, and even the most casually interested of his fans should consider investing a dollar. Sacrificing the morning’s to-go coffee might just be worth it.

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Photo by Billy Name

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