Facebook Finally Lets You Define Your Own Gender

Facebook is like that mid-life crisis dude who unfortunately dons a Von Dutch cap in order to be (mistakenly) one with the youth. However, after many faux pas it seems like they have finally managed to do something that we can all clap to.

FB is notorious for having limited users with gender options, and although they tried to fix this with their association to GLAAD (the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), they still hadn’t managed to hit the nail on the head. Although this effort was well intended, the development had only increased the options to choose from, however, this naturally still left a lot of people out.

Proving that they listen to feedback the Facebook Diversity page has released a gender-custom setting along with the following statement: “Now, if you do not identify with the pre-populated list of gender identities, you are able to add your own. As before, you can add up to ten gender terms and also have the ability to control the audience with whom you would like to share your custom gender. We recognize that some people face challenges sharing their true gender identity with others, and this setting gives people the ability to express themselves in an authentic way.”

Can we get an amen! You can now describe your gender as whatever you want, just as it should be.

The only drawback is that this setting is only available to those who use Facebook with English as their preferred language. So while we appreciate the improvement we’re still waiting for this to be available to everyone in the world. We’re all entitled to the right of identifying as anything we choose to, including “none of your fucking business.”

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