Watch Kelela Shed Skin in "A Message"

We all know how hard breakups are – it feels like the world is crumbling and all you want to do is to shed your skin and start anew, which is just what Kelela did in the video for her new song “A Message.” The video, directed by Daniel Sannwald, is a trippy voyage through emotions, from a helpless-like darkness to rich blues and reds, and then Kelela does the best catharsis of all: cuts her hair and is reborn as an animated version of herself.

The song and video are reminiscent of FKA Twigs, which is not surprising considering the song is a collaboration between Kelela and Arca, who’s worked with Twigs, as well as Kanye West, and even Björk. Kelela not only looks beautiful but sounds so deliciously buttery that we forget this is a love stricken ballad.

Gearing up to release a new EP (titled Hallucinogen) soon, Kelela really is conquering. So even if this song is about an ex-boyfriend, really she’s the one that came out on top.

You know what they say – success is the best revenge. #TeamKelela

Check out our exclusive interview and shoot with Kelela here

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