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The Tangier Blues & Tom Morello Rock the JamRoom

When you combine music and photography you don’t only get a killer opening show, but you get a wild after party as well. That’s exactly what happened last night at the infamous JamRoom following Danny Clinch’s ‘Walls of Sound’ opening at the Milk Gallery. Debuting a new and improved layout (more nudie photos on the walls hell yes!) the JamRoom played host to a night to remember.

The night was a blend of rock & roll and blues, with Danny’s band, The Tangier Blues, taking over the stage. However, what would a show be without a few surprises? Mid-show, Danny, who plays harmonica, was joined onstage by Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello. Milk’s very own Rassi also jumped onstage, helping out with guitar and vocals to remind us to “Fight For Our Right to Party,” before serving as resident DJ for the rest of the night.

The party went well into the night – everyone, including Shaun White and Nur Khan, danced until they couldn’t dance no more. Proving that the lifestyle of rock & rolling all night and partying every day is still very much alive.

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Photos by Drew Levin

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