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Float up to Laurent Chehere’s 'Flying Houses'

Any Hayao Miyazaki fan will remember Howl’s iconic steam powered tower in Howl’s Moving Castle. The huge structure moves through the foggy landscape, never wanting to be pinned down. In French photographer Laurent Chehere’s photo series Flying Houses, Chehere is inspired by the image, using a “poetic version of the old Paris” as his framework, as the exhibition manifesto describes it. Originally working as a commercial photographer, Chehere blew audiences away with the surreal series premier in 2012, winning the Prix Special.

The images feature buildings that Chehere digitally altered, floating over a grey and melancholy sky like kites. They range from an apartment complex with a burlesque neon sign to a wild circus tent dropping juggling pins. Chehere creates the fantastical cramped apartments and cartoonish runaway caravan Paris of Amélie or Triplets of Belleville that we’ve wanted to be a part of for years. From the dirt and grit of gypsy life to the picture perfect suburban dollhouse, it’s all covered.

The photo series in now being displayed at the Hotel de Caumont in Aix-en-Provence, France until May 6th.

Photos courtesy of Laurent Chehere.

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