Gaultier's New Line Will Be Sold in a 7-11

Legendary French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier has always been a man who grabs our attention, be it through cone bras on Madonna or his trademark sailor stripes and daisies. His next move is one that will continue to arrest our attention, though it may be while we’re buying Cherry Coke Slurpees and over-cooked hot dogs. Starting next year, Gaultier will have his custom designed products sold in 7-11 stores.

Though he most recently made headlines by announcing the end of his brand’s ready to wear collections, Gaultier is by no means taking a break. The upcoming ‘7-11 line’ is actually the result of a partnership with Japanese company Seven & i. The result of their collaboration is a capsule collection of 50 pieces of womenswear, including accessories, titled ‘Jean Paul Gaultier for Sept Premieres’. It’s designed for accessibility as well, with the price of these items running between about $30-$250.

So how does this translate to Gaultier products arriving in your favorite local convenience store? Japanese giant Seven & i just happens to be the parent company of one offshoot titled 7-11. Which means that Gaultier for Sept Premieres will be sold in each of the store’s retail locations as well as all 17,000 of Japan’s 7-11 stores, which we’re thinking are (hopefully) a little more posh than what we have here. Gaultier’s line will be for sale online, but it will only be available in store in Japan. Here’s hoping we raise a campaign for the 7-11’s here to start carrying high fashion items, we need some Gaultier items to aid us in our next 3am nacho emergency.

Photograph by Stephane Sednaoui

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