M.I.A. Shares New Song 'Can See Can Do'

And the list of 2015 album releases just keeps getting better. In a truly surprising announcement, bossest of the bosses M.I.A. blessed us with a brand new single titled ‘Can See Can Do.’ Posted to her Souncloud over the weekend, the track makes for the first new music she’s released since her 2013 album Matangi. The best part? There’s only more music headed our way.

M.I.A. initially took to Twitter this past bright and sunny Saturday morning by announcing that she was moments away from dropping a new single called ‘All My People.’ For a reason that might remain a mystery forever, she decided to change her mind at the last minute, citing that she’d drop ‘All My People’ when “all my people are ready,” and released ‘Can See Can Do’ instead. No word of a release date for that single, but we hope that her people are ready sooner than later.

The track she did release however is quintessential M.I.A.; a lustrous arrangement of a Bollywood sample spun into a repetitive loop while she alternates between rapping and sing-along playground choruses.. Apocalyptic dread is a thematic quality that M.I.A. has continually revisited, most recently in the music video for ‘Double Bubble Trouble’ which warned that “1984 IS NOW,” and she comes back to it in this new song, wherein she spouts lyrics like “some people see planes, some see drones.” It’s an interesting mix when layered in dance music, but that’s precisely what M.I.A. does so well. Here’s hoping for album number five.

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