Paul McCarthy x Skateroom's $30,000 Decks

Contemporary art has never been shy when it comes to making an appearance along the bodies of skateboard decks. From the Estate of Basquiat to Brooklyn’s very own Neck Face, skate-deck art becomes more inspired by the year. As far as 2015 goes, some of the most expensive decks are being put out, but hold your breath-the $30,000 dollars are going to charity.

Perfected by the hands of the American South-West social commentator (and L.A. based) Paul McCarthy, this set of eleven skateboards reflects images from his PROPO series featuring images of decrepit Americana such as rust covered Johnson’s Baby Lotion bottles, jars of mayonnaise, and a creepy pigs head. In an interview with MOMA, McCarthy describes PROPO a series that has traversed various forms of presentation throughout the decades, “Between 1972 and 1983, I did a series of performances that involved masks, bottles, pans, uniforms, dolls, stuffed animals, etc. After the performances, these objects were either left behind or they were collected and stored in suitcases and trunks to be used in future performances. In 1983, the closed suitcases and trunks containing these performance objects were stacked on a table and exhibited as sculpture. In 1991, I opened the suitcases and trunks and photographed each item. The group of photographs in their entirety was titled PROPO."

The project is in tandem with Skateroom, a Belgian non-profit initiative that urges artists to interpret skate culture via boards. All proceeds will go towards NGO Skateistan for the construction of their first skateboarding school and cultural center in Johannesburg, South Africa. The project according to Skateroom’s website hopes to, “help bridge socio-economic differences through skateboarding and educational activities amongst the youth of the city and its suburbs.”

These $30,000 dollar sets are limited to 35 editions with all the custom-made fixings’ any skateboarder/art lover/philanthropist would desire, including wheels, bolts, trucks, and translucent grip tape.

All decks can be purchased [here]( via Skateroom

Photography by Elise Gallant

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