All Drugs Legalized in Ireland for 24 Hours

If the Irish have one defining globalized stereotype, other than red hair perhaps, it is their insatiable lust and their unparalleled skillset for the life of the party. In one of the most bizarre twists of bureaucracy gone awry, the Irish government is doing absolutely nothing to refute that stereotype, if anything encouraging it more. Entirely by accident, Ireland has just completely legalized a hell ton of illicit drugs, from molly to meth to magic mushrooms. The catch? It’s only going to be legal for the next 24 hours or so.

While at first glance it may seem that Ireland just introduced the most forward thinking drug legislation in human history, this monumentally game-changing decision was essentially brought into effect from clerical error. Back in 1977, Ireland passed the Misuse of Drugs Act into law, banning just about most of the substances that are internationally recognized as being really fun but pretty bad for you. Unfortunately, they forgot to check with both houses of Irish parliament when passing this law, an oversight that no one noticed until now. Striking down the act as null and void this week seemed a rudimentary procedure, until yet another oversight occurred in the realization that they just legalized all of those drugs.

Ireland right now must be a nonstop party, with ordinary citizens having the ability to run through the streets hopped up on molly or sit in a café eating their magic shrooms and snorting lines of ketamine if they so choose. Not surprisingly, the Irish government has called emergency sessions of Parliament to come up with legislation to ban these drugs again, but if their speed is anything like the speed of the U.S. congress, then the Irish may be in for a trial party period even longer than they or the government can anticipate. You’ll have to excuse us, but we need to catch the next flight to Dublin before time runs out.

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