Obama Dishes On Ferguson & Underwear Runs on Jimmy Kimmel

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel Live received a very special guest in the form of America’s most intentionally funny President— Barack Obama. This is Obama’s first appearance on the show since his 2008 Presidential campaign. Initially, Obama was set to appear on Kimmel in July, however, the White House canceled the event after deeming that such an appearance would be inappropriate in light of ongoing international affairs.

On Kimmel, we learned a plethora of fun facts on President Obama. For instance, he can’t drive, own a smartphone or give us Hillary Clinton’s new email address. Obama explained that he is prohibited from using any phone with a recording device and therefore, still uses a Blackberry. Obama also stated that while he’s not allowed to drive, he’s allowed to run around his house in his underwear, but insists that he does no such thing.

In addition to discussing his take on aliens, Kanye West and incredibly long receipts, Obama finally spoke up about his view on the Ferguson shootings, stating that “there was no excuse for criminal acts. Whoever fired those shots shouldn’t detract from the issue – they’re criminals. They need to be arrested.”

While Obama may not be skilled in the social media department, he is certainly no novice to social change. Obama explained that "real social change in this country so often has happened because ordinary people are willing in a non-violent fashion to make their voices heard,” concluding that we have more work to do in regard to race relations in the United States.

Although Obama himself does not tweet, or text, he is certainly tweeted about. Last night, Obama participated in Jimmy Kimmel’s popular comedy series, Mean Tweets, where celebrities and, in this case, presidents, read aloud offensive Tweets about themselves. Afterwards, Obama jokingly stated that those tweets were nothing in comparison to what the Senate says about him.

Obama’s appearance on Kimmel proves that he’s just like us — except for the fact that he still uses a Blackberry.

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