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Hello Kitty Gets a Makeover...for Boys

There are a wealth of animated creatures that have become universally recognized symbols of pop culture cuddliness, from the full roster of Disney rodents to the aquatic life of Spongebob Squarepants. Though none have become quite as transcendent as the tiny little kawaii feline we know as Hello Kitty. Our idea of her however is about to become a little warped, as Japanese design studio Nendo has undergone the process of reinventing Hello Kitty to become more appealing to the last untapped demographic…men.

Not too many men of any age normally align with a kawaii aesthetic, which is precisely why Nendo has decided to change things up in the world of Hello Kitty. Marketing a whole line of men’s t-shirts, Nendo has literally reconfigured the kitty’s genetic makeup, citing that as a character, “Hello Kitty has many elements that stimulate the right brain to induce a feeling of ‘cuteness.’” They have therefore decided to switch gears by “stimulating the left brain,” switching our associations with Hello Kitty on the neurological level.

So what do left-brain oriented Hello Kitty men’s t-shirts look like? Giving customers a variety of options, Nendo has come up with rebranded imagery, such as a skeletal version of the cat, as well as more brain-teaser like interpretations. One shirt, dubbed ‘Art Kitty’ features a Mondrian construction of colored cubes meant to resemble her face, while ‘Physics Kitty’ equates her height and weight to a proportionate number of apples.

Will the men of the world begin to embrace Hello Kitty for Boys? We can only hope, as some of these designs are too damn clever not to be implemented worldwide. Head over to Nendo’s website for the full range and description of their men’s t-shirts, and start buying for all your boyfriends/male loved ones.

Images courtesy of Nendo

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