Follow Shia LaBeouf's Heart at SXSW

Shia LaBeouf has managed to transform himself from a geeky child star, to a Hollywood heartthrob to a modern dancer and now into a performance artist. Last year, Shia LaBeouf teamed up with artists Luke Turner and Nastja Säde Rönkkö for the ‘I Am Not Famous Anymore’ project — where LaBeouf attended the Berlin premiere of Nymphomaniac wearing a brown paper bag over his head. This year, LaBeouf has decided to team up with Turner and Rönkkö again to stream his heartbeat online as a part of his ‘Follow My Heart’ project at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas.

The purpose of this art project is to broadcast the most intimate part of himself — his heartbeat. LaBeouf revealed that he suffers from panic attacks. He explained, “I’ve had panic attacks throughout most of my life, whether it’s at work or whether I’ve been drinking heavy. I haven’t had that for a while, and this is a constant reminder to stay at a constant numerical place to find peace.”

LaBeouf thinks of his heart as his inner GPS system and hopes to explore his identity through this cathartic process. His manifesto reads, “Like cats have whiskers, we too are born with a guidance system: our heart. It is our inner GPS, our map, and our guide. It promises to lead us down the path of maximum fulfillment. If you #FOLLOWMYHEART, it may lead to yours."

Fortunately, our critique of his art won’t be a source of panic for Shia. At a SXSW Panel, Shia stated that "whether it’s art or stupid, that’s OK with me. As long as the benefits keep coming, I don’t give a shit.”

His heartbeat will be available here for the entire week of SXSW where you can stay updated on his heart rate and see what makes his heart race.

Photography by Axel Schmidt

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