Grimes Auctions Off New Art for the Environment

A couple of days ago, the lo-fi pixie princess Grimes dazzled us with a new single, ‘Entropy’ featuring Bleachers, Fun.’s indie rock side project. Yesterday, she upped the ante announcing via Tumblr that she put some exclusive artwork on eBay for auction. Not only that, but all the proceeds will go straight to the National Observer, an expansion of an independently owned Canadian publication, Vancouver Observer.

The prints are for the singles ‘Entropy’ and ‘Go’ and are of the same vein as the ethereal artwork she did for the cover of her album Visions. The entropic spirit is marked by her mix of cute anime-style lettering and a very realistic take on what can only be described as a mixture of a horse, an elephant and Trent Reznor. The pieces are already generating income for the publication, with the totalling bids for both prints reaching $3000 in just one day. The Vancouver native wrote her reasoning behind the donation, saying:

“How the Canadian gov has been silencing non profits with audits, and basically acting like complete creeps, taking money from oil companies, ignoring the communities who are noticing health issues related to tar sands or fracking, the massive environmental damage from oil spills – all that kinda stuff.”

Cheers to Grimes for using her celebrity to make a difference in her community. The art will only be up for three more days, so if you’re itching for some exclusive Grimes art, you better hurry!

If you would like to bid, you can find the pieces here and here.

Artwork courtesy of Claire Boucher via eBay

Photography by Koury Angelo

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