Nintendo Is Moving into Your iPhone

Look out mobile gamers, your world is about to be rocked. Nintendo fans everywhere got some huge news last night from the Japanese gaming giant responsible for the unconventional plumbing brothers. Nintendo is going to start making games for smart phones.

This comes as a huge surprise considering that just last year the company vehemently refused to dip its toe into the mobile world. Looks like they had a change of heart as they are now partnered with DeNA, another Japan based company focused on mobile gaming.

In the press conference, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata describes the move as a “business and capital alliance,” which the companies made clear by investing billions of yen into each other’s company shares. The new alliance will be releasing content and a new membership service by late fall of this year.

Soon we’ll be able to throw green shells and fight Bowser with all the characters we know, love and grew up with on the go. In the words of our favorite red plumber – Yahoo!

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