Shadowless Skyscrapers To Hit London

Imagine a world where skyscrapers cast no shadows? We’d have brighter cities, steamier sidewalks, and summer tans that lasted way longer. This concrete jungle can get a little glum sometimes, so the promise of shadow-less buildings by the international multidisciplinary architecture firm NBBJ is literally something to look up to.

What they’re cleverly calling the “No Shadow Tower” are two high-rise buildings that team up and redirect sunlight to noticeably decrease shadows at the tower’s base, where us humans are most active. These concave structures are essentially huge magnifying glasses, used to focus the suns rays that the No Shadow Towers will reflect from pane to pane, thus capturing sunlight and moving it slowly to the ground. This conscious design will be used to combat London’s naturally gloomy state on the Greenwich peninsula.

Aesthetically we can assume that these mirrored edifices will be magnificent, but hopefully not ultra-blinding. Given their purpose, these towers may actually have significant impacts on the quality of everyday life. Sunlight itself is linked to happiness, and mood improvements, so maybe us city-dweller’s notoriously known for being rude and in a rush, will be able to breathe easy in a sunnier metropolis. Let’s see how things go in London first.

Check out NBBJ’s website for more information and updates on the No Shadow Towers

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