St. Vincent Accused of Being a Painting-Killer

Beloved ice queen St. Vincent is in the news over some less than flattering business. The alien sex goddess allegedly destroyed some artwork with reported “knives and violence” in her dressing room on March 15th after rocking her performance at the Chilean Lollapalooza. Chilean news outlet La Tercera reported that Constanza Ragal Chaigneau, the local artist whose pieces were harmed, demanded $4,500 for the damages.

Chaigneau wrote on an Instagram post, which has since been deleted, that the art was subjected to said “knives and violence”. What those paintings could have done to the musician, we have no idea. St. Vincent stayed in Chile for a few days longer than expected, though it’s unclear whether she was barred from leaving the country, or if she stayed by her own will to rectify the matter. She left for Paraguay not long after, keeping her worldwide tour on schedule, but not before sending out a tweet thanking Chile for the love.

St. Vincent has been receiving much deserved attention since her Grammy win last year for her fourth studio album, the self-titled St. Vincent. And we love to see Annie Clark’s beautiful visage plastered in the news for dating the gorgeous Cara Delevingne, or nerding out with Andy Gill about guitars, not damaged property. It leads us to ask – Annie, are you okay?

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