Robyn Leads Girls Into Tech With Tekla Festival

Robyn loves robots. With hyper-dancey songs like “The Girl and The Robot,” “Fembot,” and “Robot Boy,” Robyn is a pop-music machine that doesn’t mind getting a bit technical. To further the Swedish icon’s enthusiasm for AI, the students at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden’s largest technical university, have used their latest initiative to pay tribute to the dance music goddess herself.

Each year a group of KTH students work together on the The Robot Project, where they team up to design a life-sized piece of artificial intelligence. This time around their droid was dedicated to Robyn, with a focus on creating something the popstar can interact with digitally and physically. So naturally, if this glowing composite of bolts and chips truly is Robyn 2.0—then that can only mean one thing, muthafucka can dance!

Robyn developed a relationship with KTH as she became more involved with her own robot, growing quite fond of it while gaining some insight into its “human aspect.” In a video where Robyn meets the robot, she sympathizes with the machine, “It feels kind of vulnerable, which I think it is still, you don’t know if it’s going to fall or if the arms are going to work properly.”

Now that Robyn’s connection to robo-tech has been completely solidified, she’s rounding up the young women of Sweden to get active in the sciences a well. Launching Tekla this April, a festival held in Stockholm that’s strictly for girls between the ages of 11 to 18, Robyn hopes to motivate young women to get involved with STEM fields, which refers to all the alarmingly male-dominated subject areas such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This one-day event in partnership with KTH, will feature a series of motivational speakers, and fun workshops associated with 3-D printing, electronic music and robotics. The day will end of course with a performance from Robyn, hopefully alongside her personal robot designed by KTH.

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