Get Ready for Mykki Blanco: investigative journalist

Our favorite gender-bending icon Mykki Blanco just announced an unexpected change in career — a decision to depart from music and venture into investigative journalism. On Facebook, the Gay Dog Food rapper made it clear that she’s no longer interested in music– "I must be honest, writing words that rhyme over beats made by other people mostly male no longer interests me and I’ve felt this way for over a year now."

Blanco is certainly experienced when it comes to international controversy and politics. From her arrest in Portugal, to her adventures in the underground gay scene of Russia, Blanco has provided us with provocative insight on what its like to be gay in various parts of the world. In a similar light, Blanco hopes to use journalism as a way to hone in on homosexuality and gay culture in less-accepting, more-remote parts of the world. Her first stop— Nepal, where Blanco plans to travel to later this Spring. Blanco writes that she is eager to learn more about LGBT rights, specifically of the 3rd gender group defined as ‘Meti’, in Nepal.

Eventually, Blanco wants to re-enroll in school to study Sociology and Gender Studies. However, for now, Blanco will trotting the globe in effort to educate herself on the “cultures, gender politics and patriarchy that shape our society."

Don’t worry though– Blanco claims that she is not ‘quitting’ music, rather she is transforming ‘Mykki Blanco’ from an entertainment hub into a think tank, a platform to foster the discussion of gay culture around the world.
We’re psyched to see how mega-talented Mykki transitions from rapper to reporter and see Mykki tell it like it is.

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