Shamir shows us his muppet alter-ego in his latest video

Although we still have to wait a few more months until Shamir’s album Ratchet debuts, the 20 year old performer isn’t making the anticipation too grueling. As a part of the 2015 Youtube Music Awards, Shamir just dropped an exclusive video for Call it Off, the 2nd single from his upcoming album.

Call It Off is an eclectic and upbeat tune, which stands at the crossroads of disco and pop and makes us want to jump on our desks and dance. According to Pitchfork, Shamir states that Call it Off is a feel-good anthem about the "transformative joy we feel when we finally get ourselves out of bummer situations."

Last December, Milk Made spoke to Shamir, where the Las Vegas native told us about his love of bright colors and love of Taylor Swift. Although Taylor Swift didn’t make it into the video, director Phillip Hodges does a good job of staying true to the essence of Shamir’s vibrant style.

The music video opens with a clip of Shamir driving through the desert and later transitions into a series of shots of Shamir at work as a sales associate. To spice up the boring reality of working retail, Shamir utilizes the art of puppetry and enlists his cheerful Muppet mini-me to co-star in the video to lift him up from his ‘bummer situation’.

We know what we’ll be listening to next time we feel down, but we’re still conflicted on who we love more — Shamir or his Muppet alter-ego.

Shamir photographed for Milk Made by Mitchell McLennan

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