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The McDonald's Clothing Line is Not an April Fools Joke

As a part of McDonalds’ worldwide imlovinit24 campaign, the fast food chain revealed a Big Mac clothing line. Right now the only clothing pieces available are thermals, a raincoat and some sick galoshes to match. However, the collection goes even further, featuring wallpaper, a full bed set, and a pet parka that have all been emblazoned with the chain’s signature sandwich. It’s pretty affordable too, with the sheets going for about $47 US, and thermals for a little under $60. Don’t get too excited though, the line is exclusive to Sweden right now.

The collection is reminiscent of Tumblr-esque streetwear with a repeating pattern of the floating burger on a stark white background. It wouldn’t look out of place in a Tumblr feed coupled with dip dyed blue hair and bindis. Perhaps McDonalds was inspired by Jeremy Scott’s Moschino’s fall collection, which featured the golden arches, last year? Seeing a fast food company venture into fashion is interesting, though we probably wouldn’t leave the house in it.

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