Infamous Convict Bronson Opening Solo Gallery Show

For most people, prison usually means the end of the road, or at least a downturn in one’s fortunes. For the infamous prisoner Charles Bronson, it means that you’re luck is just getting started. Aside from making a name for himself as a convict, Bronson will be debuting a solo gallery show in London this week, all while he remains behind bars.

Bronson is repeatedly referred to as Britain’s most notorious prisoner. Born Michael Peterson (but now going by Charles Salvador), he was initially arrested in 1974 on charges of armed robbery, but he has remained incarcerated ever since due to his extremely violent behavior during imprisonment. With a combination of stirring riots, fighting both inmates and guards, and holding prison staff hostage, Bronson has earned himself a lifetime sentence, most of it served in solitary confinement. His life story was even adapted into a cult film starring Tom Hardy in 2008. But now we can add gallery artist to his list of accomplishments.

Opening on Friday, his solo show will feature 10 postcard drawings of Bronson’s intriguingly crude style. He is supposedly a hard working artist, creating numerous pieces from his cell that frequently deal with themes of imprisonment and mental illness. How the drawings were obtained is a story just as strange as Bronson’s; they were found by gallery owner Gabrielle du Plooy as former items in her father’s collection, her father in turn received the drawings from a pub. How the pub got their hands on a convicted felon’s art is a mystery, but one that is no less intriguing than this entire scenario. Too bad Bronson can’t go to his own opening.

To see more of Bronson’s art, check out his website

Charles Bronson Salvador’s work will be on display tomorrow March 27th at Zebra One Gallery located at 1 Perrin’s Court, Hampstead, London NW3 1QX

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