Andrew Richardson Brings His Goods To Dover Street Market

Groomed in the sexually charged energy of the 90’s by Steven Meisel, Andrew Richardson (renowned stylist and Meisel’s former assistant) has collected everything he’s learned over the past few decades and flipped it into a clothing line. Set to be revealed tomorrow as an installation at New York’s Dover Street Market, Richardson’s eponymous streetwear line features influence from Supreme’s James Jebbia, downtown’s king of skate apparel.

We are totally in love with the collection which is evidently erotica inspired. It features everything from sweatshirts, to workwear tees, and phallic shaped home décor e.g. a penis shaped incense burner. If this doesn’t sound Richardson enough, the surrounding walls will be plastered with digitally premastered, and public-friendly edits of past Richardson magazine covers – now prized collectables in any bookshelf.

The entire showcase is meant to make a comparison between the evolution of the stylist turned designer’s work and the frenzy surrounding Instagram’s censorship policies. As mentioned in an interview with, "The more column inches go into confronting and challenging Instagram’s censorship policies, the more distracted we are from things that are really happening that are really problematic." Though the gallery will feature more ‘appropriate’ edits of his work, he notes that it does not detract from the original creations "The magazine is quite provocative and has had some challenging imagery in it. I wouldn’t really say it’s pornographic, it’s just been provocative, confrontational. And that whole thing that came from the magazine comes into the clothing, as well, comes into the graphics of the clothing and the ideas."

The collection will be available tomorrow at Dover Street Market, 160 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10016

Images courtesy of Richardson via Portrait by Olivier Zahm

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