Smoke Up With Willie Nelson's Weed Brand

Christmas just came very early for stoners everywhere. Willie Nelson is going to launch a brand of weed and open distribution stores in states where marijuana is legalized. The news came from The Daily Beast’s interview with Michael Bowman, Nelson’s business partner. Bowman has been heading the project, and announced that the stores will have an ‘anti-Walmart model’. He states, "There will be our own [strand of marijuana], and then there will be opportunities for other growers, who meet quality standards." Good to see that Nelson’s free-love, anti-establishment approach remains pertinent in his company model.

This is business venture will be very close to Willie’s heart. The entire structure of the company intends “to envelop what his personal morals and convictions are.” The stores will aim to be very eco friendly, work closely with local growers, and even feature some of Willie’s personal strains, including the aptly named Willie’s Reserve.

The 81 year old rocker has now become know for his weed and environmental advocacy, as well as supporting the LGBT community. It feels appropriate that one of the only three people to smoke Snoop Dogg out, as confessed by Snoop in a Reddit Ask Me Anything, would create his own strand brand. Plus, we can’t wait to see the Leafy reviews for Willie’s Reserve.

Photo by Danny Clinch

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