See James Turrell's Latest Exhibit In the Nude

The James Turrell Art Retrospective in Canberra, Australia just got a whole lot more sensual. Starting next week, The National Gallery of Australia is set to host three sold-out naked art tours of James Turrell’s exhibit— only for those willing to bare it all. The 150 lucky art lovers who managed to snag a ticket are invited to see the exhibit in their most natural states.

The National Gallery invited free-spirited Australian artist Stuart Ringholt to lead these nude art tours. Ringholt, who is certainly no prude to this field, has notoriously hosted various nude art tours around Australia, including a nude daytime disco at the Monash University Museum last year. Through these nude art tours, Ringholt encourages us to strip down the barrier between the artist and the viewer– and do so, literally.

American artist James Turrell explains that he wants the audience to be able to ‘drink light through the skin as Vitamin D.’ Ringholt believes that the retrospective, which features various fluorescent, tungsten, fibre-optic and LED lights, is ideal for being viewed in the nude. The nudist tour guide states that in order to truly drink the light, we must be naked — concluding that “nudity frees the spirit."

After the show, the nudists are invited to a tea reception to drink, mingle and talk about the art— maybe even exchange a few numbers.

We don’t know what we want to see more — James Turrell’s art or Ringholt’s peen in the flesh.

For more information on this naked wonderland, click here

Photos courtesy of Stuart Ringholt and FAI Photo Archive

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