A Run & Gun Opening for Gasoline Number Three

The Gasoline crew assembled a diverse new collection of photography to a packed opening night crowd at Brooklyn’s Reverse Art Space, for a run-and-gun three day showing of ‘Number Three’, supported by Project Fathom. Coinciding with the third print edition of Gasoline, twenty photographers from the almost thirty-strong Gasoline assembly exhibited a range of subjects from portraits of squatters to BDSM enthusiasts, impactful documentary work to quiet observations of the world around the artists.

Started in 2013 by photographer Sam Rock, was created to ‘draw upon the spirit of experimentation and support shared by London photographers in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s’, providing a platform for the individual photographers to push themselves to create narratives, be it planned, spontaneous or discovered while in review.

In keeping with the energy exuded by the group, two parties bookended the three day exhibition, closing out with a rowdy performance by NY based band Wizard Sex, amps and pedals strewn across the exhibition space, the framed photographs becoming background elements to the performance, now dressed with projected visuals from the band. An enthusiastic response has opened up anticipation for the next exhibition project, given Gasoline is determined to live in a capacity that can be consumed online, in print and in person.

Be sure to visit Gasoline’s website here

Photography by Andrew Boyle, Don Brodie and Kris Merc.

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