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1/6 — RiRi, the newest Queen of the Bucket hat



Riri's BFF Brings Back the Bucket Hat

Rihanna has been dominating fashion headlines recently, from fronting as Dior’s first black spokesperson to proudly rocking a lime green ensemble at the iHeartRadio concert, but now she’s stepping aside to give Melissa Forde the limelight. Bad girl Riri’s bestie, and official Instagram photographer, has released a collection of bucket hats exclusively for Opening Ceremony. The hats were released as a part of rapper Wale’s line Wrking Title.

Rihanna joined Forde for the release at Opening Ceremony’s mens shop, sporting the aptly named Pineapple Print hat. The collection also features the Rasta print, and Black Beauty (a sleek black mesh hat). The fun, urban skater looks has got us looking back at the staple hat’s history. From Raoul Duke of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to Lauryn Hill to Susie Bubble, bucket hats have left their mark on the world. Popularized by the late 80s, early 90s rap scene, the headwear are now seen on rappers and pop artists alike. Given the mass appeal of the retro fisherman’s swag, it’s no surprise that it is making another high fashion appearance. While the bucket hat has gone through many iterations in its life, Forde’s designs seem to have perfected the floppy headgear for everyone to enjoy.

You can purchase Forde’s hat collection here

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