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These 3D Printed Ice Cubes Blow Our Minds

Japanese company, Suntory Whisky, has 3D printed some intricate ice cubes that make us wonder why the hell we’re still sipping on those boring old blocks. After launching their video campaign ‘3D on the Rocks’ in 2014, detailing the process behind these elaborate creations, the company won the Branded Content & Entertainment Lotus trophy at the Asia Pacific Festival in Thailand for their cool cubes. Created by the advertising agency TBWA using a CNC router after chilling it to -7 degrees celsius, the machine essentially inverse printed the cubes. Keeping up with the growing 3D industry, TBWA also used the app called Autodesk 123D, which captures the 3D images in preparation for printing. After the designs are prepared they are carved out of a block of ice. Some of these artful ice depictions include the Statue of Liberty, a scorpion, a mermaid, Michelangelo’s David, and many more. Placed in a glass with just a shot of whisky, the ice glistens, allowing these sculptural forms to come to life. So let’s say goodbye to drinking alone, with these ice cubes you never know who…or what may land in your glass.

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