Kendrick's King Kunta + The Best Rap Videos Shot in Compton

The city of Compton’s been the birthplace of West Coast rap since forever. N.W.A. initially spread the hype with their late 80’s tributes to the charmingly sunny, but notoriously hood dystopia, and today Kendrick Lamar keeps that same fire burning. Known for his die-hard love for CPT, it’s no surprise that the lyrical gunslinger has selected his hometown as the location for his first official video, ‘King Kunta,’ off the To Pimp A Butterfly album. Shot by Director X, the video premiered yesterday on a billboard in Time Square and at Los Angeles’ LA Live entertainment center. Filmed at one of Compton’s legendary swap meets, ‘King Kunta’ is an epic party where bodacious babes are cruising in the backseat of Kendrick’s classic Lincoln, and the homies are getting down in the streets.

In honor of this fun hip-hop boasting tribute to Compton, we’ve round up a few of our favorite rap videos shot in the genre’s most beloved city.

‘Compton'(2009) – K9 and MC Eiht

This video right here is about as low budget as you can get, which of course results in something ridiculously hysterical. If you can get past K9’s crazy fro, the video features multiple mami’s twerking upside-down on top of cars, and locals making those hydraulics spin. It’s a real street party, get with it.

‘Hate It Or Love It'(2005) – The Game, 50 Cent

With 50 Cent’s Jamaica, Queens roots and The Game’s Compton background, this video showcases the best of both worlds. With dream-like scenes on Queens and Compton Blvd. that document both rappers growing up in the hood doing shit they shouldn’t, ‘Hate It or Love It’ is an anthem for anyone on the come-up. It’s also only one of many Compton based rap videos under The Game’s belt.

‘Straight outta Compton'(1988) – N.W.A.

“You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge.” Nothing rings truer when it comes to the original Boyz N’ The Hood. N.W.A.’s debut album Straight Outta Compton was all about the streets gangsta lifestyle. The video opens with Ice-Cube’s fire lit footsteps, and we’re immediately led into a battle between the gang, and of course, the cops. Guns are pointed, tensions are high, and the raps are brutal. If you haven’t heard already, a biographical film drama is set to release this year about the group, under the very same notorious title.

‘Nuthin’ But A G Thang'(1992) – Dr. Dre Ft. Snoop Dogg

If you forgot how smooth Snoop Dogg is, then here’s something to jog that memory. This hit opens up with Dre coming to the crib to scoop up Snoop, where somebody’s momma is yelling with curlers in her hair. The two roll through to of course, a swap meet, where the BBQ grills are blazing, and the crew’s getting live. The day ends at a bumpin’ Compton house party, and we’re jealous we’re not there.

‘Boyz-N’ The-Hood'(1988) – Eazy- E

Eazy-E’s solo tracks are probably some of the cheekiest raps of this era, and his finger-less Michael Jackson gloves are everything. Not only is this video great because E’s lips don’t sync with the music, but the aerial shots of Compton really highlight how much love Eazy’s got from his hometown, even if he is getting chased down by a mob and shoved into a moving van.

That’s Compton!

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