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Olivier Zahm Goes Big with 'Anthracite' at Milk L.A.

To say Olivier Zahm knows how to celebrate would be an understatement. In honor of his newest photo exhibition Anthracite, which opened yesterday at L.A.’s Milk Studios, the man behind Purple Magazine celebrated with two decadent and luxurious events. The first, a pre-opening dinner on Wednesday night, saw what was supposed to be an event for 16 people blow up to host over 100 people. The guests, which included a combo of high and low society like Bret Easton Ellis, Soko, Kenneth Anger, Gia Genevieve, Atiba Jefferson, Neckface, Josh Harnett, and Langley Fox, wined and dined at a long table which was surrounded by Zahm’s huge photographs.

The opening of course was equally as successful, with around 700 people – including a lot of models and other beautiful faces – enjoying the company and photography of Zahm. Myles Hendrik DJed the reception, which meant that the huge crowd stayed up dancing until the early hours of the morning. It’s no surprise Zahm’s events turned out as they did…after all, art does imitate life.

Photos by Brad Elterman

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