An Air B&B for Recording Studios Has Arrived

The Internet has made it easier than ever imagined before for literally just anybody to start putting music online and become a rock star overnight. The next great musical icon may not need much other than a computer and a little talent to go a long way. However, many people forget one of the key ingredients in formulating musical success—a studio space. Fortunately for us, that too has become easier than ever. is a brand new website that has launched with the explicit purpose of providing a recording studio space for just about anybody who may need it. But what makes this site so ridiculously convenient is its user interface, one that is designed exactly like the internationally renowned Air B&B. Where the latter company allows users to search for available, affordable housing, Studiotime does precisely the same thing, only users hunt for the right sonic space. Searches can even be filtered to accommodate rental prices, location, and even if an audio engineer is available on site to help you.

Finding proper recording spaces is more difficult than one might imagine, as a high fidelity recording can’t be done just anywhere. Studiotime provides the most ideal service possible for the up and coming musicians; gone are the days of hunting for just the right sound spot, go find one online like a true millennial. Now if only the Air B&B design could be introduced in other areas…rent your own dance club anyone?

Visit Studiotime’s website here

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