Groundhog Day is coming to Broadway

While you might not be looking this far ahead, make sure you don’t have plans on March 9th, 2017, or the day that the Groundhog Day musical opens on Broadway. That’s right, our favorite movie featuring Punxsutawney Phil opposite Bill Murray is moving to the stage.

Danny Rubin, the co-writer of the original film along with the late Harold Ramis, is on board to take the film to the stage. Matthew Warchus, Tim Minchin, Peter Darling and Rob Howell, the minds behind Matilda, the Musical, will also be set to work on the production. No word on whether Bill Murray himself will be a part of the project. Between the all female cast of Ghostbusters that’s coming soon and starring in a new The Jungle Book remake, he may need a short break.

The film of course is one of the quintessential comedies of the 90’s. Built around the premise that Phil Connors (Murray, in peak form) has forever been trapped in a time warp of re-living February 2nd forever, it’s a movie that has become instantly recognizable for it’s moments of both hilarity and poignancy. Regardless, we’re just excited to hear a full Broadway rendition of “I Got You, Babe”.

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