JZ Radical's European Extravaganza Stop 4: Moldova

JZ Radical, skater extraordinaire and friend of Milk, has had the good fortune of taking his skills on a tour of the capitals of Eastern Europe. His latest stop? Chisinau, Moldova.

After a 5-hour train ride from Odessa I had arrived in Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova. It was kind of scary. It was 11PM and the skate crew that was scheduled to meet me at the station was nowhere in sight. The only taxi driver in the parking lot spoke no English and clearly didn’t want to drive me anywhere. Finally after pulling out 350 Moldovan Lei which is equivalent to $20, he drove the 2 Kilometer trip to my hotel.

30 minutes later Dan, Jenya and Alex, the local ripping skaters, arrived at my hotel, ready to skate. We ate some food, hit the streets til 3AM or so and then went to a nightclub, which was pretty wild. Girls could exchange their bras for free cocktails, so lingerie was hangin’ throughout the club…and softcore porn projected on the main wall.

The next couple days, we explored Chisinau and skated several unique spots including a beautiful natural brick quarter pipe in the center of the city.

Moldova puts the USA’s 40oz beers to shame by selling what felt like 80oz beers in big plastic jugs for a couple bucks. The locals love to drink. Chisinau is loaded with casinos and what felt like zero police presence.

Friends of Jenya’s met up with us on the first night and were literally doing donuts with their monster truck in the middle of a popular intersection, beers in hand with no concerns of the police telling them to stop. Moldova feels like a lawless country.

Thanks to Dan Danilov, Jenya Syslik, Pavel Chiritsa and Alex Burger for hangin tough, skatin’ everyday and especially looking out for my safety.

Next stop: Bucharest, Romania. Just a 13 1/2 hour train ride away.

Interesting note:

Joseph Stalin wanted to prevent the smuggling of drugs, guns and money into the country. In order to stall the Germans should they ever invade Russia he made the rails in Moldova and all of Russia slightly wider than Romania. So at the border to this day each train car is hoisted up and the wheels are changed so the trains can ride the tracks into Moldova. This process takes about 3 1/2 hours.

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