American Apparel's newest model is a Sloth

From pubes, to nips, to 62 year old underwear models, American Apparel is certainly unorthodox with their advertisements. Their most recent ad campaign is perhaps the most eccentric of all; it stars a 23 year old, 3-fingered Bradypus sloth named Buttercup.

Apparently Buttercup, who seems to have a knack for modeling, is an orphan that helped start the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. The ad is brief, but it informs us that "her favorite pastimes include sunbathing and eating hibiscus blooms." She sounds like a true homie.

Ever since American Apparel’s notorious CEO Dov Charney was dismissed, the retailer has been making drastic changes to re-brand itself. His replacement, and also the company’s first female CEO, Paula Schneider recently told Marie Claire about their Pantytime ad campaign that used "transgender models, young models, models in their 70s, women who were eight feet tall—we aim to be inclusive.” The only thing that the video was missing was their newest model, Buttercup.

The brand is evidently shifting away from their scandalous ad campaigns and attempting to use their marketing to focus on social issues. Schneider explained, "Secondly, we have to expand on this social commentary. We need to continue to be innovative and edgy. That’s the brand DNA." So then — besides being incredibly cute and fuzzy– what does Buttercup have to do with it all? According to the ad, Amer Apper has a surprise for us that will be revealed later this month.

We can only wait and see, but knowing American Apparel, we’re sure the surprise will be worth the wait.

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