Guess What Bodily Fluid This Art is Made Of

For all of you who have ever dreamt of publicizing art but lack the talent, and for all of you who have bodily fluid shots handy— now you too have the opportunity to break the internet. How you ask? By sending in your quality cum shots, of course!

Minus the raunch that is. Artist Faith Holland wants photos of cum on your haunch in the name of art. The Providence/New York based curator released a call for jizz-on-flesh photo submissions for contribution to her latest art piece, “Okie Canvas" on Rhizome, an online contemporary art organization. According to the guidelines, “Submissions will be accepted from any and all genres as long as it is fluid emitted as the result of an orgasm.”

Faith Holland is currently working on an exploration of gender and sexuality’s relation to the cyber world, featuring a number of multimedia projects including Visual Orgasms, which are GIF’s meant to represent feelings associated with orgasms devoid of sex, Woven Network in Lube, which feature a number of ethernet and phone cords submerged in lube, and Redtube Porn Interventions, made to defy viewers expectations of porn-watching experiences. Each of these have appeared to be successes and provided her anonymous contributors with various amounts of stimulative pleasure.

Cum on! Check out her call-in, here—be sure to keep the jizz in focus.

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