Run Through the 6 With the New Drake Game

If you can’t get enough Drake then brace yourself for the latest in Drizzy news. If you’ve heard anything from Drake’s new album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, it’s probably the song “Know Yourself,” which uses the lyric “I was runnin’ through the 6 with my woes.” It’s now become known to us in a recent Drake interview that “the 6” is in reference to Toronto, and sadly the "woes" of Drake do not mean what we think, but are rather a reference to his crew and anybody ‘Working On Excellence.’

But why is this specific line so important? A new game was recently released in Apple’s App Store called Runnin Through the 6, designed by Nico Uribe. In it, the player controls a mini-Drake throughout the city of Toronto. The goal of the game is to collect as many ‘6’ emojis as possible, while avoiding the wheelchair emoji at all costs (an incredible ode to Drake’s character Wheelchair Jimmy from Degrassi). It gets even better though. Turning the phone’s sound on you’ll realize the game’s soundtrack is none other than “Know Yourself.” The Flappy Bird-esque control style of the game proves to be difficult, but upon hitting that wheelchair emoji you are greeted by a game-over screen inspired by the cover of Drake’s latest album.

Those who are actually riding through the 6 playing this game can be proud of their meta life existence. The rest of us will be feeling all the woes, the emotional sorrow and distress we all thought Drake was referring to, each time this wonderful game-over screen appears in front of our eyes. At least we know Drizzy Keyboard won’t hurt our feels.

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