Your Phone is a Disposable Camera with New App

Remember the days when a certain finality came along with taking a picture? Every photo you take these days is examined for imperfections; once you find the perfect image, it’s put through six different filters before being sent out into the social media-scape. Now you can recapture the nostalgia and spontaneity of the old days of picture-taking, and totally show off your hipster street cred, with Disposable Camera.

The app works much like a real disposable camera from our youth. You have a “roll” of 27 images that you can take, but it won’t show you how the images you’re capturing look as you work your way through, no matter how badly you need to know. Once you fill your roll, the images are all sent off to be printed as high-quality 4x6s for the low cost of $13. Then, and only then, will you get to see the results of your photographic undertakings.

And what’s the benefit of having a couple of time sensitive prints take with your phone? It makes each photo special. You have one shot (literally) to make it right. You can’t edit it or retake it from a million different angles. In this snap happy age where every step we take has been archived on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, it’s hard to know when a picture really counts as something meaningful. More importantly, you too can be a hipster without actually owning a manual camera. Now your pictures can find new meaning when you take a picture of them, filter it and post it to Insta anyway.

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